Parmenion follows a modern approach, also known from the ICT world. We do not believe in a “one size fits all”-concept, or in a conviction that one or the other bank or major fund house would be the best solution provider for all investment needs of sophisticated end investors.

Research by Parmenion and other independent consultants has indicated that each Grandmaster or Master asset manager has its own specialty/specialties. Not a single provider is ‘best-of-breed’ with all its strategies at any individual point in time. But they will in many cases not tell you this. Our solutions are therefore ‘multimanager’ with each of our solutions always incorporating a couple of funds from top managers, and – where needed – a so-called ‘completion’ component consisting of Best Ideas that help our Investments and Risk Management departments to optimize the overall risk profile of your solution.

Next to our partnerships with ‘best-of-breed’ asset managers, we also establish liaisons with external fund solution partners and work closely together with sister companies within GP Group.


GP Parmenion and its fund management partners are rolling out an investment concept that – where possible – does not try to reinvent the wheel. Whenever we come across Global Grandmaster or Local Master asset managers we try to incorporate them into our fund solutions.

By doing this we do not only create a situation for our clients where we can benefit from the bottom-up ‘security-picking’ skills of these top players, but indirectly it also gives us exposure to their top-down expertise. And that in turn ensures that our ‘diversification’ policy and avoidance of having all our eggs in one basket also applies to our own models.

Being a structured investment consultant whose judgments are based on objective and transparent information, GP Parmenion’s Grandmaster and Master titles are not awarded lightly. They are the result of a thorough and transparent process.


Running good fund solutions is not something we do alone. At Parmenion we work closely together with best-of-breed partners focusing on fund administration, investment management & custody, (various) advisory services and distribution.

Although our Grandmaster and Master labels are only available for asset managers, we most certainly consider these partners best-of-breed in their own field of expertise.


With offices in Europe (Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg) and Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore) GP Group is a great partner for GP Parmenion. Being part of a larger group is beneficial for an independent, implemented consultant like ourselves.

We are not in any way forced to use internal GP products, and if we do incorporate them into our fund solutions, they will require the Grandmaster or Master title just like any other.

At the moment we are working on a set of China fund strategies in which GP Shanghai will be our Local Master partner. GP Parmenion R&D works closely together with the Shanghai team as far as creation of this strategy is concerned. But as always: not a single provider will dominate our solutions. 

The other way around: GP Parmenion developed the AMC Global Balanced Opportunities as specialty strategy for our colleagues at GP Geneva (together with GP Shanghai and Bank Julius Baer as our issuing partner). Actively-managed Certificates or AMC’s are structured notes with high liquidity that are currently very popular in Asia.

The network of GP Group in Europe, Asia and selected other (mainly Emerging and Frontier) markets is however actively used in two other areas:


Whenever you are looking for a partner with a strong network in China – either for deal sourcing or for funding – GP Parmenion and GP can be an interesting party to look at. We work closely together with the Shanghai-based M&A and Industry teams. Where feasible, we may also involve other partners in your deal. If so, we will of course be totally open about this.

Our preferred deal size lies in the range between USD 5m and USD 50m. Larger or smaller deal sizes are not excluded, but more sector- and country-dependent.

Do also note that Parmenion is a EU-based company that adheres to the European regulatory regime(s) where relevant.




Parmenion’s investment solutions are – where feasible – distributed by external distributors (see also under “Fund Solution Partners’’) and by GP colleagues. Within Asia (especially China) GP is currently our most important distribution partner.

For more information on investments banking or distribution partnerships, please contact Ms Fatima De Vos.

Please give a clear description of your (co)-investment case and if you look for a deal proposition as potential investor or on the contrary for funding for your deal.