Parmenion – directly and together with our parent GP Group – is a globally operating company with an investment approach that covers all countries and asset classes. This is the logical consequence of the work by Markowitz and Van Dijk that is the basis of our investment models. This international outlook is deepened by the preferred partnership with grandmaster and master asset managers across the globe.


With our Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA) model as basis, and with the links to global grandmaster and local master level asset managers as our preferred partners, we could easily have created a broad-market, global specialization.

But this is not the market segment where institutional parties were waiting for us as new kid on the block during the last 10-15 years. There are plenty of good global ‘backbone’ asset managers out there. And it is our philosophy anyway to use these grandmasters in our solutions where possible. And that is what we do.


Parmenion doesn’t create global fund platforms or solutions that intend to compete with top-level fund houses from the US, UK, Europe or Japan. Instead, we help our clients create the best-fitting global investment solution/ One that is ready for the New World Order. And that is already complicated enough, because those top-level fund houses have created enormous overlap by offering sometimes excellent or good, but often relatively mediocre products in almost any asset category and with almost any style tilt. Which party to choose?  And with which fund of them to work then?

To the extent that institutional or UHNW end investors require the global component in their solution, Parmenion will help them out. We are independent and will often come up with solutions in which multiple global grandmaster managers will together – together with some amazing local niche players – give you the best tailor-made solution for you. Often without extra costs, because we can in many cases provide you with solutions in which we get discounted prices when incorporating them into our fund solution.


What really makes us special is our expertise in Emerging and Frontier Markets. Currently we have 100+ countries in our model-based platform that was built by our CIO in close collaboration with Nobel Prize laureate dr Markowitz.

And this is actually quite logical. Many Western institutional investors are still underinvested in EMFM that are – because of higher growth levels – increasing their global weights.

The fact that we are now part of a Chinese group is not coincidental. First, our approach fits nicely with expansion in EMFM markets, where more and more investors are now eyeing international diversification. But also because we finally see international investors now believing that the growing opportunities in China, India and other Emerging and Frontier countries are here to stay.

Parmenion believes that it can be your gateway whenever you want to diversify your portfolio into EMFM.



Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region in the world. With economic powerhouses like China, India, Japan and Australia already playing a key international role, there are several other nations that are gaining in importance as well.

Golden Partner Group has its origin in China and with offices and representation in Hong Kong and Singapore, GP Parmenion believes that our partnership with GP Group strengthens not just our concept, but also our business opportunities in Asia-Pacific in general and China in particular.

We already witness this through growing interest in our B2B solutions (GP Parmenion as sub-advisor to financial services providers who run their own fund and other solutions with us providing them with investment expertise based on our concept), but also through the direct creation of Asian solutions. Regarding the latter it is probably no surprise that we started with a China product range together with GP Shanghai.


China is for some already ‘the factory of the world’. But it would be naïve and a simplification to downplay the Chinese development into just being the world’s greatest manufacturing hub. The country is developing in so many more areas. Also areas associated with technology, where companies like Alibaba and Tencent are of course great examples.

Parmenion believes that this trend is irreversible and that China (and in its slipstream India) is here to stay and gain market share.

As an example: the Chinese stock market already lists more than 3,500 stocks and together with Chinese companies listed abroad the spectrum reaches almost 4,000 stocks with an average market capitalization of about USD 1 billion.

Not just will we offer our Chinese strategies to institutional clients/prospects in Europe, MENA and selected other countries, we also believe that – supported by our colleagues from the GP Shanghai office – China will develop into a new hub for Parmenion products.